Knee Pain, Hip Pain, and Trigger Point Yoga

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been so excited to tell everyone about TriggerPoint Yoga, and now that we have our new FB page, I can announce it. TriggerPoint Yoga is a collaboration between what I teach – self-treatment for trigger points that cause pain and limit range-of-motion, and yoga. There’s too much to explain to put it all here yet, but basically my partner Ana Johnson is a fantastic yoga teacher and we joined up to combine the two modalities by way of DVD instruction.

I hope you’ll visit our Facebook page and “like” us. Ana is the primary moderator on the site, although I try to stop by frequently. BTW, I’m not sure I ever mentioned that I also have a Facebook page. I’d really appreciate it if you would “Like” my page too. I’m not sure why it helps (I’m still coming out of the dark-ages about social media) but I know it’s important.

Finally, Ana posted a YouTube video teaching the Julstro self-treatment for the quadriceps. This is a key component for low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, sciatica, and groin pain. Actually it covers more than that, but these are the main areas of concern. She did a great job and I’m happy to share it with you.

When TriggerPoint Yoga is launched (within then next two weeks) you’ll be able to see how to combine the Julstro self-treatments with Yoga – a perfect match for anyone who is seeking joint flexibility. It’s an exciting time and one that we believe will change the way pain and stiffness is being treated.

Have a great week,


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