Helping Our Wounder Warriors

Hi Everyone,

I just posted a message on my Linked In page that I want to work with Wounded Warriors to thank them for their service to our country. So many men and women are returning from these horrible wars and they are now confined to wheelchairs. Just the repetitive motion of turning the wheels so they can move about is adding to their problems.

This repetitive movement will cause shoulder pain, arm, wrist and hand pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. These muscles are so easy to treat and it’s so unnecessary for our veteran’s to suffer.

Here is the message I posted on Linked In:

I want to help our wounded hero’s. I teach people how to self-treat the muscles that cause pain, and in the past I have also taught couples how to treat chronic pain in their partner. I want to volunteer to teach wounded warrior’s and their caregiver how to release the tight muscles that give them pain, especially the men and women who are now confined to wheelchairs. If you know anyone in my local area (Cary, NC) I will teach them for free. It is also my plan to teach clinics around the country and would like to do this through the American Legion.

As I grow my business to begin speaking at conventions and association meetings in the USA, I plan on always contacting the local American Legion to see if I can teach a free clinic for veterans and their caregivers. Please help me with this goal by letting veteran’s know that this service is open to them. I frequently drive between NC and NY, and also between NC and FL, and we can see about setting up a clinic anywhere along this route.

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