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I called this blog Pain-Free Living because my work with thousands of people who were suffering from the aches and pains that are caused by tight muscles. As time went along I realized that when I worked with so many of my clients we had expanded our relationship to discussing the aches and pains that happen because of life experiences. We’d talk about marriages, kids, finances, unhappy jobs, and lots of other things. In fact, one client once said to me…”I’ve come to realize I don’t come here just to have my shoulder treated…I come here because you help me get my head screwed on straight!” I said to him “wonderful, I charge $80 for shoulders, I charge $100 for heads ” So each week he’d bring me a cupcake, or flowers, or something lovely to “pay” for helping him with his head.

Having said that, I decided to expand this blog to include things such as nutrition and stretching, and today I want to share something that was so important to me that it brought me to tears for having found it…tears of happiness.

I was driving from FL to NY and I always bring books on CD to listen to as I travel. One of the many audio books I brought with me is by Marci Shimoff. The title is Happy For No Reason and it includes PDF files with questionnaires to help you evaluate where you stand, and lots of other files to assist you in moving to higher and higher levels of happiness. We have all had reasons for happiness…being in love, watching a baby learn to walk, playing with a puppy, watching a funny movie, and lots of other reasons. Marci says the goal is to be happy for no reason at all. Just to stop for a second, look inside, and know that you are happy.

Happiness increases the hormones in your body that are beneficial to circulation, your lungs, digestion, sleep patterns, and many other vital functions. In fact, you’ll just live longer because you’ll be lowering the stress levels of your body, simply by smiling. It’s amazing when you listen/read Happy For No Reason just how important it is for you to be happy. And it just feels so good!!

I’m so happy to be able to share this with you 🙂

Have a great day,


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