Golfer’s Neck Pain – Part 2


I’m so happy to say that the golfer I mentioned last post has contacted me. His name is John and as a retired executive he has made a “career” out of playing golf every day. He had been very upset at not being able to play when the pain became so severe that he couldn’t even bend over to look at the ball.

Today he told me that he’s been self-treating all weekend, and that he’s spent hours at the driving range and has played 18 holes of golf every day since our first meeting. He told me that today at the 16th hole (after being at the driving range this morning) he had a slight “twinge.” He pressed his finger into the right point and it quickly just disappeared! He was thrilled! He’s also thrilled because since Day 1 his game keeps improving and today he was 10 strokes under his normal best game. In fact, he’s been between 7 and 10 points lower since he first learned how to self-treat so now he’s preparing to lower the score that he calls his average. How wonderful!

With John having such success, it’s such fun to see my work making such a difference in his daily life. His success has inspired me to print my Pain-Free Golf book and bring it out to the public with much better marketing. I’ll let you know when that happens, for now, if you are a golfer and you want to learn how to stop pain, you can get Pain-Free Golf as an ebook.

I’m loving it here in Ft. Myers, Florida. The weather is fantastic! I’m looking to move up closer to Sarasota in the near future, so if you are anywhere near either of those two cities, and you would like to meet for a therapy session, please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you well,


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