Fibromyalgia and self-treatment

I’ve been working to gather information for a presentation to a major medical facility that wants to bring the Julstro techniques to physical therapists, and in doing that job I’ve been reading some old testimonials.

Back in 2003 I worked with a woman named Ellen, who had fibromyalgia for 27 years and was chair-bound for 14 years! Because of the severity of her situation we spoke every day for three weeks to adapt the Julstro techniques to a body that had gained a great deal of weight because of inactivity.

Ellen had had many different surgeries for pain, and she said that some gave a bit of relief, some didn’t help at all. Recently she started to have severe hand/wrist pain and numbness, and she was told she needed to have carpal tunnel release surgery. She said No! She decided that she had enough surgery and she wasn’t going for any more. She was on many different drugs, and that wasn’t making her happy either, but this was just the last straw.

Her daughter looked on the internet and found my website where I discuss hand/wrist pain and numbness, and then they bought the Julstro System that teaches how to self-treat for this problem. At the time the only book I had was The Pain-Free Triathlete. Now, Ellen was definitely not a triathlete, in fact she could barely walk, but since the book came as a free bonus with the Julstro System, and it came as an eBook that she could open immediately, she decided to look it over. She found treatments for TMJ, shoulder pain, and a few other aches and pains that she could do immediately. She was shocked when the pain lessened tremendously, and some of it went away completely.

Four days later, when her Julstro System finally arrived, Ellen had already made giant steps to getting relief…she was thrilled! Since she was very far from being an athlete some of the self-treatments I taught in that book were beyond her ability, so she called me for advice. This was before I started doing telephone consultations, in fact, she was probably the reason I decided I should do consultations. Ellen and I spoke several times a day, seeing how we could adapt the treatments to work for her. I didn’t know how to use the computer yet, it was just and adult-typewriter to me at the time, so I couldn’t send her pictures. We would talk, she would try what I said, and then I’d figure out how to make it better for her. And it worked!

Three weeks went past and then all of a sudden I didn’t hear from Ellen at all. I got nervous, here we had spoken several times every day and now she’s gone – did something happen to her? I called and she answered…I told her my concern and she said “I have been in this chair for 14 years and the house has fallen apart. My daughter is graduating from high school and I want her to be proud to bring her friends over, so my husband and I are tearing up carpeting, pulling down wallpaper, painting, cleaning, and I’m sewing curtains. I haven’t had the time to call.” After I told her I was relieved to hear she was okay she said to me…”Julie listen to me! I am tearing up carpeting and pulling down wallpaper! I am painting rooms and cleaning out closets! I’m sewing curtains!” She was shouting into the phone in a happy way…”three weeks ago I couldn’t get out of the chair by myself – this is a miracle!” We both cried. Then we both went our separate ways, although I’ve thought of Ellen frequently through the years.

When I was gathering testimonials to bring to the Cleveland Clinic with me, I found the first one from Ellen and I wondered how she was doing now that eight years have passed. So, I decided to look her up on the internet and hopefully find her to see how she’s feeling. Well, I did manage to find her and it was just great speaking to her again.

I’m happy to say that she said her current pain level is 0-2. She told me she has been 100% out of pain, with the exception of when the barometric pressure drops or when she overdoes work. She is actually teaching others how to do the Julstro self-treatments and we made arrangements for me to come to St. Paul, MN so I could teach some classes. It will be fun since I never met her in person, or even seen her picture.

If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from fibromyalgia, please go to my website and read how muscles cause joint pain. She even eliminated carpal tunnel syndrome that was scheduled to be surgically treated, and after 8 YEARS she is still pain-free.

Nobody should suffer for so long, especially when the treatments are so simple!

Wishing you well,


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