Diabetes and Vitamin C

I have a friend who has diabetes Type II, which used to be called “adult onset” except now children are getting it so they can’t call it that anymore. It’s a real pity that children are eating so poorly, mostly sugar and lots of bread, donuts, and cookies, that they are getting diabetes. But that’s the topic for a different blog post. Back to my friend.

She was telling me that she was frightened because she had recently been having a symptom of floating objects in her vision. It brought me back to my father. My dad died of diabetes. He had Type I, which means he was born with a genetic problem with his pancreas and he didn’t make sufficient insulin to maintain his body. He was really lucky because when he was 12 years old the medical world discovered insulin and he started taking it. The doctors told my grandmother that my dad wouldn’t live to be 35 YO, and fortunately they were wrong. I think they were wrong because my father ate properly, never missed his insulin shot, and the medical world kept improving over those years.

When my father was about 62 YO he told me that he was seeing “gray spaghetti that was wiggling in front of his eyes.” The doctor told him that it was blood capillaries that were breaking and he was seeing the blood. Ugh! The important thing is, the doctor told him that if the capillaries were breaking in his eyes, they were breaking other places too, so that was really serious.

I was already taking Shaklee at the time so I asked my friend (who sold me the Shaklee) what to do about it. She checked and told me that he needed to be on Vitamin C as it strengthens the walls of the bloodstream. I gave it to him and like magic, it worked immediately. He was thrilled because he wasn’t seeing the annoying “spaghetti” anymore. Time passed and each month I had my friend send my dad a bottle of Vita C.

Then one month I was a little short on cash and since Shaklee is more expensive than many other brands, I bought him a different brand. I sent it to him and he called me soon afterward and said “well, it was too good to be true, it’s all back again.” I felt terrible and said “dad, I think I sent you the wrong bottle, I’ll send the right one.” My friend mailed my dad the Vita C, and sure enough, in a few days he said “well, that must have been it because it’s all gone again.” It made me have a better understanding of the quality of Shaklee.

When my friend told me of her most recent problem, I told her my dad’s story, and she decided to give it a try. She also decided to go on the Glucose Regulation Complex, and so far she’s happy with her results. Her blood sugar is starting to go down and she’s taking less and less insulin. Her doctor is happy because each time she goes in for an appointment she seems to be either improving or stabilizing. Time will tell, but so far it looks really positive.

Now I find myself in two business where I’m helping people, and I couldn’t be happier. What a way to earn a living! With Shaklee I’ve decided to learn all about sports nutrition since so many of my clients are athletes. More to come as I move through this training program.

If you know anyone who has diabetes, I hope you’ll share this blog with them. If you have diabetes, I hope you’ll click on the links and see the products that helped my father, and are now helping my friend.

Wishing you well,


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