Burning Between Shoulder Blades Caused By Tight Muscles

Recently I had the pleasure and honor of being a featured guest speaker at the American Electrology Association (AEA) Convention in New Orleans, LA.  It fun to be back in New Orleans and revisiting great memories (it was our Home Port when I worked on the cruise ship), but even more, it was very fulfilling to watch so many people get amazing results by just pressing and holding trigger points that had caused a lot of pain – in some cases, for YEARS!

Today I’d like to explain why a muscle in the front of your neck causes burning pain between your shoulder blade, and why it is so frequently overlooked by professionals when you start to search for answers.

Burning Between Shoulder Blades Is Caused by a Muscle in the FRONT of Your Neck!

The muscle we’ll be discussing is the anterior scalenes and the way it interacts with the brachial plexus.  Don’t get nervous about the Latin names, I’m only using them in case someone wants to do a bit of internet research 🙂

As you notice in the graphic below, the scalenes cross over the front of a large bundle of nerves called the brachial plexus.  This bundle of nerves innervates the better portion of your upper body and down your arm, into your hand.  As a reminder, when a nerve is being impinged (pressed upon) it will refer pain to its end-point. In this case, if the muscle is pressing on the fibers that go to your rhomboid muscles, that are between your shoulder blades, that’s where you’re going to feel it.

The graphic below shows that the trigger points (round purple circles in the neck) don’t cause pain/burning in the neck, but it does cause burning to the entire purple shaded areas – including between your shoulder blades.

You can get your back massaged, you can lean on a door frame, you can do anything you can think about to try to release the pain and tension between your shoulder blades, but until you release the spasms in your scalenes, it’s not going to work!  The biggest concern is that the scalenes also cross over your carotid artery so treating them incorrectly could cause pressure on the artery, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

I teach you how to properly and safely treat your scalenes in the Julstro System. Learning how to self-treat saves you money in the long-run, discomfort immediately, and you have nothing to lose but the pain!



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