Arthritis, Diabetes, and Muscle Spasms

This week I had a radio interview that ended up talking a bit about how people who have been diagnosed with a condition – any condition, but we’ll focus on diabetes and arthritis today – will have all their aches and pains lumped into that condition.

It has always amazed me!  Once a person has a “label,” it doesn’t matter what the label is, then absolutely everything that happens to the person falls under that label.  I remember when my very closest friend Beth had cancer.  We had gone to NYC, and we walked from Central Park all the way to the Battery. For non-NYers that’s several miles.  It was wonderful and we really enjoyed the walk, but when we got back to Beth’s house she said “the cancer must really be kicking in, I’m exhausted from the walk.”

I hit the fan (a NY term to mean, I flipped out) and said “are you kidding me!  We walked the entire length of NYC…I’m exhausted too!  Cancer has absolutely nothing to do with it!”  The same thing goes with arthritis (this is a big one) and diabetes, or any other condition that has a name.  The problem is, once every ache or pain is labeled as “the condition” then nobody has to look at other possible sources of the pain – it takes the practitioner off the hook to find a solution to the pain.

So, thank you for letting me rant for a minute, but let’s think about this…

Your muscles will shorten when you have a repetitive strain injury.  It’s just normal physiology, nothing mysterious about it.  But, just like pulling your hair will give you a headache and prevent you from turning your head in the opposite direction, a tight muscle will put pressure on the joint and prevent it from moving normally.  And it doesn’t matter if you have all the “conditions” known to man…if your muscle is tight you aren’t moving, it’s that simple!

I’m not saying that there aren’t conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or any of a long list of other conditions, I’m only saying, look at the muscles and eliminate them before you just figure you just need to suffer because you have…”a condition.”  Since most medical professionals aren’t taught how muscles cause pain, they will never look at muscles, so it’s up to you!

You know I wrote Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Livingand I also created the Julstro System that teaches you how to self-treat every muscle that causes the symptoms common for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Believe me, it would have been easier for me to just keep up my therapy practice in New City, NY, than it was for me to decide to bring this information to the world.  But I think it’s important.  I’ve seen so many people who would have been suffering needlessly if they didn’t have the understanding of pain and muscles that I teach in Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living. I have hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world attesting to the fact that they are living a normal life because they learned how to self-treat the muscles that cause chronic pain.

Even me, I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I had to close down my therapy practice because my left wrist and hand was so painful I couldn’t open my car door, or wash a glass.  I developed the self-treatment that eliminated carpal tunnel syndrome out of self-preservation, I needed to get my hand back again!  I knew I wasn’t going for surgery because it would only put scar tissue right over the nerve to my hand….that didn’t make sense to me!

It worked, I found each spasm that was putting pressure on the nerve and artery to my hand, and that was causing the wrist pain.  I didn’t have the time or finances to be out of work, I HAD to find the answer!  And I did!

Don’t automatically believe that your condition is the cause of everything that happens to you!  Take a look at the muscles, it is so very inexpensive, and it works so often that you have nothing to lose but the pain!

Wishing you well,



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