A Yoga Pose for Low Back, Hips, and More!

While I was thinking of what I should talk about for today’s Pain-Free Living blog I was looking in Facebook and I saw that Ana just posted a wonderful, short, video.  It’s so perfect for anyone who has any aches and pains from the low back to the knees that I decided this is the perfect post.

Ana Johnson is a fantastic yoga teacher, and I’m happy to say she is my partner in TriggerPoint Yoga. TriggerPoint Yoga is comprised of three DVDs: one is of me teaching Scott how to do every Julstro self-treatment that is taught in my book, Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living, and the other two are of Ana teaching a 45 minute yoga session which starts with 15 minutes of untying the knots in the muscles that you’ll be stretching and then a 30 minute yoga session. There are two upper body sessions and two lower body sessions.

If you go to our YouTube page you’ll be able to follow along with Ana.  TriggerPoint Yoga is an easy to follow and highly effective program that is done in the privacy and convenience of your living room.  If you like yoga, you’ll LOVE TriggerPoint Yoga.

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